The Lifesaving Society Prince Edward Island Archive is mandated to preserve those records and material artefacts of the provincial Society which are deemed to have enduring legal, fiscal, developmental, historical, or research value.  The Archive also collects records from private sources which are deemed to have enduring value to the history of the Society in Prince Edward Island.


The Society's acquisition policy guides the evaluation of the value and suitability of archival material and records:
The Archive will collect and preserve all Branch records and correspondence including meeting minutes, meeting agendas, financial statements, annual reports, etc.  The medium may be paper, electronic, or audio.
The Archive may accept private artefacts at the discretion of the archivist.
  • More individualistic personal artefacts, such as photographs, newspaper clippings, and personal letters, which are unique to the individual, are encouraged to be archived but will be evaluated for their relevancy.  These artefacts may be the originals or copies of the originals in hard copy or electronic form.  If in an electronic form or printed from an electronic form such as a scan, the quality must be good, the standard being a minimum of 300 dpi and in JPEG form.
  • Private artefacts awarded or distributed by the Society will adhere to a policy of sampling. These artefacts may include crests, medals, manuals, examination forms, certification cards, posters, promotional material etc. The Archive will collect and preserve only samples of each type of artefact, the number and those selected being dependent on the discretion of the archivist and the physical condition of the artefacts.
The Archive will record and collect the oral history of past members, volunteers, or people otherwise associated with the Society in Prince Edward Island at the discretion of the archivist. This oral history will be collected via personal interview in audio recorded form and then transferred to both a hard CD copy and an electronic audio copy preferably in a .wave or .mp3 form.